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The 1930 film, The Laurel - Hardy Murder Case [ often misquoted as 'The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case '] was inspired by the real life Halls - Mills murder case. A cast that is still unsolved !

Thanks must go to Larry Meyer  from the Blockheads  Oasis # 3 tent who found the information about the murder-case ! To read about the case click here

Oliver Hardy was a keen golfer, he was a member of The Lakeside Country Club, in San Fernando, and he regulary won the Hal Roach Studio annual Tournement . He defeated Adolfe Menjou in the final of the Motion Picture Golf Tournemont.

To see photo's of Laurel and Hardy playing golf click here

Laurel and Hardy had a history of marital misfortunes, both of them had their problems with other partners. Below is a list of their wives.

Stan Laurel

Oliver Hardy

Mae Laurel 1918 - 1925 * Madelyn Saloshin 1913-1920
Lois Neilson 1926 - 1935 Myrtle Lee Reeves 1921 - 1937
Virginia Ruth Rogers 1935 - 1937 Virginia Lucille Jones 1940 - 1957
Vera Ivanova Shulalova 1938 - 1940
Virginia Ruth Rogers 1941- 1946
Ida Kitaeva 1946 - 1965

* Stan was not officially married to Mae Laurel, they lived together for 7 years as man and wife, but Mae was unable to get a divorce from her first husband.

Oliver Hardy also had a relationship with Viola Morse after he was married to Myrtle Lee Reeves but ended it when he met his future wife, Virginia , while she was a script girl on the 1939 film The Flying Deuces .

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