Laurel and Hardy Stamps

Over the last 30 years Laurel and Hardy have been honoured by having postage stamps issued with their faces or caricatures on the stamp.

In 1990 Stan Laurel was featured on a British stamp issued by the post office. It was part of a set of ten, featuring famous smiles. Only Stan's lower part of his face was visible on the stamp. The stamp was issued twice, the first issue had a 20p value, the second issue has 1st class logo on it.

Stan's smiling stamps
Stan's stamp -20p issue Stan's stamp - 1st class issue

Ist issue -20p value stamp

2nd issue -1st class stamp

As it was mentioned above, Stans smile stamp was part of a set of ten.Other faces featured in the set below were,

Top row left to right , Teddy Bear, Dennis the Menace, Mr. Punch Puppet, Cheshire cat, Man in the moon.

2nd row left to right , Laughing policeman, Clown, Mona Lisa, Queen of Hearts, Stan Laurel .

The 1st day cover below was issued from Stan's bithplace, Ulverston .

Set of 10 stamps issued in the UK
1st Day cover set of stamps , issued from Ulverston

1st day cover set of stamps , autographed by Stan's daughter , Lois.

USA and Gambia stamps
USA 29 cents stamp from 1991 Gambia stamp 1989

USA 29cents stamp

Gambia stamp1989

This USA stamp  above was issued  on August 29th 1991, the caricature was designed by the veteran artist 'Al Hirshfield ' and available in a set of stamps entitled ' Comedians by Hirshfield '.Other famous faces in the set were Abbott and Costello, Jack Benny, and Bergen and McCarthy . First-day-of-issue ceremonies were held in Hollywood, California. at the famous Grauman's Chinese theatre .

The stamp from Gambia was issued in 1989 as a set of entertainers, with Laurel and Hardy in the set were stamps of Charlie Chaplin, Dany Kaye, Cary Grant and Rita Hayworth. Each stamp was sold as a full sheet of 20 Laurel and Hardy stamps. In the top right hand side of the stamp it shows the then leader of Gambia, just like UK stamps show the Queen .

Ryder Cup 1995 victory / Anyone For Dinner stamps
Europe Ryder Cup Victory 1995 stamp Hollywood famous ledgends set of stamps

Europe Ryder Cup Victory 1995 stamp

Abkhazia 1995 -"Anyone For Dinner"

The stamp showing Laurel and Hardy playing golf was issued to celebrate the fact that Europe won the Ryder cup in 1995. It was available in 4 different versions, the standard set above, [ left ] and the other 3 had a large white golf ball overprinted on the sheet, with the wording 'European Team Ryder Cup Victory 1995 ' in black, red and gold.

The Abkhazia 1995 stamp [above right ] "Anyone For Dinner "also features From left to right ] Laurel and Hardy, Elvis Presley, Clarke Gable, John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Maralyn Monroe, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire ,Cary Grant, Frankenstein's Monster and Marlon Brando. The stamp was issued pertorated or non perforated edition for collectors.

French / Fujeira Laurel and Hardy Stamp stamp
French Laurel and Hary stamp Fujeira  Laurel and Hardy StampStamp

French stamp -mid 1990

Fujeira stamp 1972

The stamp shown above issued in 1972, was the very first to honour Laurel and Hardy. The country, Fujeira, issued the stamp to raise income from sales of the stamp, and not necessarily to be used on envelopes as postage. Fujeira is now part of the United Arab Emirates.

Angola Laurel and Hardy Stamp Ghana 100 years of cinema - Laurel and Hardy stamp

Angola stamp

Ghana 100 Years of Cimena stamp

Angola Laurel and Hardy Stamp Republic of Du Tchad - Laurel and Hardy stamp

Angola stamp

Republic of Du Tchad stamp

The country of Angola has issued two stamps with Laurel and Hardy, the stamps show images from 'Our Relations ' ,Hollywood Party ' 'The Bullfighters ' and 'Swiss Miss '.

Guyana - Movie Poster Stamp / Burkina Faso -Movie Stars Stamp

Guyana Laurel and Hardy movie poster stamp

Guyana - Movie Poster Stamp

In 1991 the country of Guyana issued a 'Movie Poster ' stamp with sketch of Laurel and Hardy from the film , 'Bacon Grabbers' . The stamp was designed by Al Hirschfield, this was his second stamp he had done of Laurel and Hardy, - the first being part the USA comedians set.The stamp was only available as a set of ten.

In 1995 the country of Burkina Faso released a 'Movie Stars ' sheet of stamps. The sheet featured images of Laurel and Hardy with pick axes, other movie stars on the sheet were Al Jolson, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, the center piece of the sheet was a perforated stamp with Maralyn Monroe.

Karakalpakia Stamps

Karakalpakia Stan Laurel stamp Karakalpakia Oiver Hardy stamp

Karakalpakia Stan Stamp

Karakalpakia Oliver Stamp

The country of Karakalpakia, now part of the Soviet Union issued 2 stamps with images of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

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