Laurel and Hardy Reincarnated

The beloved comedy team of Laurel & Hardy is alive, well and making audiences laugh just as hard as before, according to Walter Semkiw, MD, author of "Born Again" and "Return of the Revolutionaries." The reincarnation of Laurel & Hardy, identified as Josh and Danny Bacher, are featured cases in "Born Again," which was recently released in India and covered on CNN. In his books, Dr. Semkiw reviews independently researched reincarnation cases, including two published by Ian Stevenson, MD, at the University of Virginia, which demonstrate that from lifetime to lifetime, people have the same facial features, personality traits, passions and talents, and that people incarnate in karmic soul groups.

In addition to independently researched cases, additional cases were derived through Kevin Ryerson, the trance medium who has been featured in "Out on a Limb" and other books written by Shirley MacLaine. In working with him over a period of years, Dr. Semkiw found that accurate past life matches could be established through Mr. Ryerson. An especially compelling case solved in this manner involves Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best selling "Conversations with God" series, who agreed to be featured in "Return of the Revolutionaries" as the reincarnation of Reverend William Walter. This case, as well as others solved through Kevin Ryerson can be viewed at:

When Dr. Semkiw realized accurate identifications of reincarnated individuals could also be made through Kevin Ryerson, one pair of interest was Laurel & Hardy, who were subsequently confirmed to have reincarnated as Josh and Danny Bacher.

The Laurel & Hardy cases demonstrate principles of reincarnation observed in numerous other cases researched by Dr. Semkiw. These include:

* Consistent facial features

* Consistent talents and passions- In their Off Broadway premier in January 2006, the Bacher Boys created their own silent movie, which had the audience in stitches. In creating a silent movie and incorporating vaudeville type skits in their program, the Bacher Boys replicated the comedic development of Laurel & Hardy. This phenomenon is also observed in the case of Alexandra Nechita, also featured in "Born Again," who is identified as the reincarnation of Pablo Picasso. Ms. Nechita, who has been featured on Oprah and CBS Sunday Morning, was a childhood artistic prodigy who has replicated the artistic development of Picasso.

* Affinity cases-In these types of reincarnation cases, individuals are naturally attracted to their own past life personas. On such case involves Halle Berry, who has been identified as the reincarnation of Dorothy Dandridge. Similarly, Josh and Danny Bacher were naturally attracted to Laurel & Hardy since they were toddlers.

* Karmic grouping-Though Stan Laurel was from England and Oliver Hardy was from Georgia, this team managed to reincarnate as two brothers in New Jersey.

Dr. Semkiw attended the Bacher Boys Off Broadway debut in January 2006 and observed that Stan/Josh and Ollie/Danny are as funny as ever and they relate to each other as they did before. In Columbus, Ohio, the Bacher Boys performed at the Universal Light Expo where audience members bolted their feet to give Josh and Danny a standing ovation. Even if you donít believe in reincarnation, attend their show for a classic comedy treat. The Bacher Boys will be performing

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