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To gain entry to The Crazy World of  Laurel and Hardy members only area you will need a user name and password, don't worry ,it's totally free !

On entry to the members only area you will find an audio section with 3 different versions of the Laurel and Hardy theme tune, as well as "On The Trail of The Lonesome Pine" and taped recordings of Laurel and Hardy dialogue.The answers to the quiz are also available in this members only area.

Email me below to ask for your unique user name and password, I will then Email you back with your user name and password.

[ Please be patient as I work during the day and can only reply back at night ]

To get your user name and password to the Audio Page click here.
To get your user name and password to  see the quiz answers click here.

Members-Only Area!

laurel and hardy with drums

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