Laurel and Hardy's names in different countries

Laurel and Hardy were famous all over the world and not always known as Laurel and Hardy .

It's hard to understand why, on all the advertising material used for foreign versions of Laurel & Hardy films, the names "Laurel & Hardy" weren't always used. Instead, the publicity department often chose to give them nicknames like those below, which, in nearly all cases, translates roughly as "The Fat and the Thin." One exception is the German billing "Dick und Dof" (sometimes "Doof") - which means "Thick and the Stupid."

A few notes are in order: Spain uses the L&H name El Gordo y el Flaco; infact, you can say that many/all of the Spanish speaking countries in theworld, although not listed, also use that same spelling. The same can besaid for other countries (such as France) where their nativelanguage(French) is spoken. The Galicia area, shown on the list, includespeoples in Central Europe in the area around the Ukraine and Polish region.I have not included ALL of the SLIGHT variations that I've found within somelanguages: For example--as in Romania where I've seen both "Stan si Bran"and "Stan and Bran". Lastly, I have seen several L&H comics from Finland that show the Boys' name on the cover as Ohukainen Ja Paksukainen

Names in Different Countries
Country Name
Albania Olio me Stelion
Brazil O Gordo e o Magro
Denmark Gøg og Gokke
Egypt El Tikhin Ouel Roufain
Estonia Laurel ja Hardy; Paks ja Peenike
Finland Ohukainen Ja Paksukainen
France Laurel et Hardy
Galicia area Laurel e Hardy; O Gordo e o Fraco
Germany Laurel und Hardy; Stan und Ollie, Dick und Doof
Greece Xonapoe and Azsnoe , Chondros Kai Lighnos
Hungary Stan es Pan
Iceland Steini og Olli
Israel Hashamen ve Haraze
Italy Stanlio e Ollio, Crik and Crok
Korea Hol-jjug-i wa Dkung-ddung-i
Kurdistan Laurel u Hardy
Malta L-Ohxon u l-Irqiq
Norway Helan og Halvan
Poland Flip i Flap
Portugal O Bucha and O Estica
Romania Stan and Bran
Serbia Stanlio i Olio
Spain El Gordo y el Flaco
Sweden / Norway Helan och Halvan
The Netherlands De Dikke en de Dunne
Turkey Sisman ve Zaif
UK / USA Laurel and Hardy

Foreign cinema handout front scan Foreign cinema handout back scan

Above ; Foreign cinema handout front and back scans

Foreign poster from the Midnight Patrol Poland dvd cover

Above left , Foreign poster for The Midnight Patrol

Above Right - Poland dvd cover

Sweeden video cover - Saps at Ses

Above , Saps at Sea , Video cover from Denmark

Laurel and Hardy comic from Finland

Above...comic from Finland

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