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My name is Steve Neale and I live in Perth, Australia. In my spare time I like to work on this website and listen to the music of Mike Oldfield

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Since I was a child I can always remember watching Laurel and Hardy on the television. For some reason or other I could always remember their films, Chaplin, Keaton or Lloyd.didn't have that effect on me, even though they were all comic geniuses. My 'obsession ' for Laurel and Hardy started when I was about 14 years of age,  for a Christmas present I was given a Laurel and Hardy video with ' The Chimp ' on it, with my pocket money I started buying a few more of the 'virgin video' range of video's until I had the complete set on video tape. Having a video player that played both UK pal and USA ntsc videos meant that  I could buy video's from America which included Stan's home movies footage,  which were narrated by Stans daughter Lois, which were not available in this country .With the release of the dvd disc it meant my collection of video tapes were made redundant.

 me , Gareth Evans , Bill Winfield and Charlie Lewis

With Tony Hawes - Stan's son - in - law

me , Pete and Angela Elkins , Rob Lewis , Joan Robertson and Tony Hawes

Me, Gareth Evans, Bill Winfield, and Charlie Lewis

With Tony Hawes [ Stan's son in law ]

Me, Pete & Angela Elkins, Rob Lewis,

Joan Robertson and Tony Hawes

Around 1988 I joined the ' Helpmates ' branch of the sons of the desert . I attended many ' Helpmates conventions ' at the Crest Hotel in Chatham .My collection really started to take off with thanks to Rob Lewis, with all of his sales stall on offer, my collection grew and grew, you name it, I bought it, books, records, film stills, figurines, [ my wife hates polishing them !! ] posters, dvd's, badges, mugs, cd's, etc

I joined my local branch of the Sons of the Desert at Carlisle, Them Thar Hills Tent Oasis 43,after a few years the then Grand Sheik, Melvin McFadden, decided to step down, I was asked to take up the post as the new Grand Shiek and I gratefully accepted!

In 1992 I attended my first international convention at Las Vegas, USA,  I  shared a room with  Charles Lewis [ later to become Grand Sheik of Edinburgh's Blockheads'tent ] , we had a great time over there, it was fantastic to be in the same room as the great Hal Roach, I also met Jacquie Lyn who played "Eddie's baby" in Pack up Your Troubles. After the convention we headed to Hollywood, visiting the Music Box steps, the site of 'The Hal Roach Studios ', and various other film locations such as the houses from Big Business and Perfect day . During our time in Hollywood we visited 'Universal studios ' and saw some LOOKALIKES ...who looked nothing like Laurel and Hardy at all ! Our party of "Brits" were  also invited to one of the legendary Way Out West banquets.

Half way up the Music Box , Hat's Off Stairs

Outside the Big Business House At Stan Laurel's Grave
Walking up the 'Music Box ' steps

Outside the 'Big Business' house

At Stan Laurel's grave

I have attended a couple of modern day Laurel and Hardy premiers at London, the first was the launch of Way Out West in colour on video tape at BAFTA which had Stan's daughter Lois as guest of honour. In 1998 to clebrate the 70th anniversary, four films were shown across the country at various cinemas, they were, Way Out West, The Music Box, Sons of the Desert and Helpmates, prior to general release a premier was held at The Prince Charles Cinema in London's Leicester Square. It was hosted by Frank Skinner, he did a talk about his love for the boys then about twenty people were selected to go up on stage, yes I was one of them!, to sing The Sons of the Desert anthem! So I can officially say that I have sung on stage in Londons West End! In the audience were celebrities from the world of stage and television which included Barry Cryer, Gorden Kaye, Roger Lloyd Pack and Burt Kwouk to name but a few. The after show party was held at Christopher's in Covent Garden, free food and drink was on the menu along with a live band and disco.

During my time I have met many celebrities at various functions, many of them admire Laurel and Hardy, below are a few photos that were taken at charity dinners that I have attended.

Me and Norman Wisdom

Me and Phil Collins

Me with Reeves and Mortimer

Above... with Norman Wisdom

Above...with Phil Collins

Above...with Reeves and Mortimer

Me with Bella Emberg

Me with Andrew Sachs [ Manuel, from Falty Towers]

Me with Clive Dunn [ Dads Army]

Above...with Bella Emberg

Above...with Andrew Sachs

Above...with Clive Dunn

me with John Inman

me with Sue Upton

me with Ian Lavender

Above...with John Inman

Above...with Sue Upton

Above...with Ian Lavender

me with Frank Skinner

me with Gordon Kaye

me with Jim Davidson

Above...with Frank Skinner

Above...with Gordon Kaye

Above...with Jim Davidson

me with June Whitfield

me with Sherrie Hewson

me with Sue Pollard

Above...with June Whitfield

Above...with Sherrie Hewson

Above...with Sue Pollard

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