Mae Busch

Mae Busch Mae Busch Mae Busch Mae Busch

Mae Busch was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1891. Her parents were both in the ' music business ', her father, Frederick, was a musician and her mother, Elizabeth was a vocalist.

In 1905 they moved from Australia to New Jersey, USA, where her parents toured doing a vaudville act whilst Mae was in a convent school.

When she left school she did modelling, appeared in theatre and film work, after leaving New York she arrived in California and worked for Mack Sennett at Keystone. Whilst there she hurt herself during filming of a diving scene, she had to give up work for a year due to her injury. She went back to Keystone becoming one of the ' Bathing Beauties ', who were famous all over the world.

After Keystone Mae worked for Paramont film studios and MGM, but she was never really a huge star, Hal Roach offered her a contract, she appeared in 13 films with Laurel and Hardy, the first being the 1927 film 'Love 'em and weep '.

Mae was married 3 times, husband number one was Francis McDonald an actor whose career lasted from 1912 to 1965, number two husband was John  Cassell which lasted for 2 years, and finally her last husband was Thomas Tate.

In 1945 she found out she had cancer, and only lasted another year until she passed away in 1946 at the Motion Picture Country Home.

In appreciation of her work, she was honoured with a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which can be seen at 7047 Hollywood Boulevard.

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