The Model T Ford

" You can paint it any colour , so long as it is black "

model t ford

Laurel and Hardy used mainly Model T Ford's in  their films  .

Films such as 'Perfect Day ' ,  ' Hog Wild ' ,'Towed in a hole ' and 'Big Business ' , their car usually came out ready for the scrap heap .From James Finlayson's single handed destruction of their Christmas tree carrying car in ' Big Business to their crash into a tram in 'County Hospital '.

One car that survived the onslaught is now on show at The Cars of The Stars Motor Museum in Keswick , It originally belonged to Pacific Auto Rentals in California , and was rented to the Hal Roach Studios

model t fordIn part, the Model T's popularity on the big screen comes because the car and the medium emerged at approximately the same time 100 years ago – and both became very popular almost overnight.

"The Model T was the 'it' car of the 1920s. It was the best selling vehicle at the time. and everyone in Hollywood and beyond wanted one." said Alessandro Uzielli, head of Ford's Brand Entertainment division.

As the first moviemakers moved beyond static interior shots to the outdoors, it was only natural to capture the motion and movement created by the car. In that way, Hollywood reflected the changes brought on by the automobile and mass migration to cities.

While the Model T appears in the short films of such early Hollywood comedians as Keaton and Lloyd, it was the laugh-out-loud lunacy of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy that made the Model T a featured player.

In one of the last and funniest silent-era films, "Big Business," (1929) Laurel and Hardy are selling Christmas trees out of the back of a Model T truck. When a cranky neighbor rejects their pitch and the tree is damaged, the pair takes it out on the man's house as he inflicts reciprocal destruction on their vehicle.

A "Perfect Day," (1929) Laurel and Hardy's third talkie, features several gags on-board a Model T. When Ollie asks Stan to "throw out the clutch," he reaches down and does just that. In the end, the car drives into a puddle that swallows the pair, their passengers and the car.

In "Hog Wild," (1930) Hardy climbs a ladder mounted on Laurel's Model T to install a radio antenna and Laurel accidentally drives off with Hardy still clinging to the ladder. In the finale, the car gets crushed between two streetcars like an accordion – and ironically, seems to run better for it.

Another gimmick Model T was used in the duo's 1928 silent hit, "Two Tars." In that short film, Laurel and Hardy create havoc in a traffic jam and then escape in their Model T into a railroad tunnel. The resulting unseen collision with a train causes them to emerge in a roadster that's been squashed sideways – but still runs, of course.

The first Model T Ford to come out of production in 1908 , it was the first mass produced car of it's time .Over 15 million cars were produced in 19 years .It had the nickname of the 'Tin Lizzie 'The 1908 model T Ford cost $1000 , in 1927 the cost was only $300 due to the increased numbers available thanks to the workforce turning a Model T out every 93 minutes !

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