Laurel and Hardy Continuity Errors

Continuity errors and discrepencies excist in many films, look for the automobile in the distance of the Errol Flynn film Robin Hood, and the wristwatch in the Charlton Heston film Ben Hur, if you look carefully to some of the Laurel and Hardy films you can see a few "over sights" from the continuity department!

The Music Box

The shadow of a camera and crew can be seen as the piano rolls down the steps, the piano in one shot is facing one way as it is again rolling down the steps then in the next shot it has turned its self around.When Oliver Hardy is in the pool his clothes are all wet, next close up out of the pool his clothes are dry!

Towed In A Hole

When Stan is sawing the mast, the sawing sound is slower from inside the boat than the fast sawing sound from the outside shot of Ollie up painting the mast. In the first few shots of Ollie his tie appears to be inside his overalls then his tie is outside of his overalls.

Night Owls

James Finlayson rolls down the stairs breaking a vase at the bottom, the vase is in tact a few scenes later!

Wrong Again

When the horse drinks from the fish tank it is only half full of water, but after chasing Stan the fish tank suddenly becomes full again!

Battle of the Century

The pie sales man and the dentist are played by the same person,George French.You can also see a hand of the prop man who throws a pie in the face of a man who is about to have his photo taken!

The Hoose Gow

At the end of the film the car backs into the truck, just before the impact two barrels of whitewash tip over!

Laughing Gravy

Look out for the plant pots on Charlie Hall's window, after one plant pot gets knocked off the window ledge it disappears, appears and then disappears! At the end of the film, Laurel and Hardy's landlord, played by Charlie Hall, commits suicide, two gunshots can be heard,-he must have missed with the first shot!

The Big Noise

When Stan knocks over the table his pipe and magnifying glass get knocked off, in the next shot they are back in their original position, then they are gone again!

Two Tars

In the final scene the cable pulling the car from the tunnel can be seen in the bottom right hand corner

Beau Hunks

When Stan and Ollie fall down the sand dune, Stan lets go of his rifle, at the bottom of the sand dune Stan has his rifle in his hand!

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