"Watch Out - Wyatt's About."

"Watching him - watching us - watching him!"

On most occasions, at Laurel & Hardy Conventions, whenever you see David Wyatt he is behind a movie-camera, capturing all our precious memories for us to enjoy again and again. Like on the photo below, where he is (far left in shadow) filming an interview he set up with Trudy Marshall during the 1990 Florida Convention.


Well now it's our turn to provide some memories for David. Please go through your collections, and send us any photos you have of him IN FRONT of the camera. . Please give basic details about the photos, such as: WHEN it was taken; WHERE it was taken, and WHO is in the photo.

All the photos will be displayed in this Gallery, and then, at a later date, will be presented to David on a CD - in Slide-Show format.

Send your photos to stanandolly@aol.com, titling your email "David's Archive"


David Wyatt

Above David Wyatt taken in Pordenone, Italy, at the Silent Film Festival.October of 2007

Photo courtesy of Jeni Rymer.

David Wyatt

Above photo David with Robert Arkus taken in Pordenone, Italy in October of 2007 at the Silent Film Festival

Photo courtesy of Jeni Rymer.

David Wyatt with Charlton Heston

This picture taken when Mike Hankin interviewed Charlton Heston for the documentary: "The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal," in 1994 - filmed at the Queen's Theatre, London. David Wyatt operated the camera.

Photo courtesy of  Mike Hankin

David Wyatt with Hal Roach

This picture shows David setting up to film HAL ROACH, at the Park Lane Hilton, London, in 1986.

Photo courtesy of Richard Bann

David Wyatt at Wigan

Dave enthrals at Wigan, September 2008

Photo courtesy of Bowler Dessert

David Wyatt with Roger Robinson

David with Roger Robinson at the Laurel and HarDay in Wigan in September 2008.

Photo courtesy of Bowler Dessert

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