Laurel and Hardy's Co - Stars

Dorothy Coburn
Dorothy Coburn was born in 1905 at Great Falls, Montana . She appeared in 11 films with Laurel and Hardy, starting with Sugar Daddies'.

During her career she was a stand in for Ginger Rogers and in many a western film she was a stunt double for the lead female star.

She passed away in 1978 in Los Angeles, her cause of death was Emphysema

Laurel and Hardy Films that Dorothy Coburn appeared in ;

  • Should Married Men Go Home

  • From Soup To Nuts

  • Finishing Touch

  • Flying Elephants

  • Leave 'em Laughing

  • Battle of the Century

  • Putting Pants On Philip

  • Hats Off [ Missing Film ]

  • The Second 100 Years

  • Sailors Beware

  • Sugar Daddies

Anita Garvin
Anita Garvin was born on the 11th of February 1906 in New York, at the early age of 12 she became one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties. She made her way into films, starring in a Joe Rock produced film, with Stan Laurel in his early solo career. When Stan moved to Roach Studios he persuaded Hal Roach to sign her up. While at the Hal Roach studios she mainly worked with Charlie Chase, but also appeared in 11 Laurel and Hardy films .

Anita died on the 7th of July 1994 in Caliornia at the Motion Picture Country Home, she was confined to a wheelchair for the latter part of her life.

Laurel and Hardy Films that Anita Garvin appeared in

  • Battle Of The Century
  • From Soup To Nuts
  • Why Girls Love Sailors
  • With Love and Hisses
  • Sailors Beware
  • Hats Off
  • Their Purple Moment
  • Blotto
  • Be Big
  • Swiss Miss
  • A Chump At Oxford
Jean Harlow
 Jean  Harlow  was born in 1911 in Kansas City. Her acting career started in 1929 in Double Whoopee.

Jean was labelled as 'The Original Blonde Bombshell' as well as working with Laurel and Hardy she appeared with Charlie Chaplin in 'City Lights' ,

Jean was married several times, had troubles with her mother and step father and for a period went into depression

Her early death in 1937 at only 26 years of age was due to uremic poisoning .

Laurel and Hardy Films that Jean Harlow appeared in

  • Double Whoopee

  • Bacon Grabbers

  • Liberty

  • Brats [ Photo on the Mantlepiece ]

  • Beau Hunks [Jeenie Weenie Photo ]

Rosina Lawrence
Rosina Lawrence was born in 1912 in Canada, her parents were both British. Her early years were spent in Canada, Great Britain and she finally settled in Los Angeles.

Rosina worked for Universal Film Studios, Fox Studios, and MGM, and Hal Roach where she appeared with Patsy Kelly and Charley Chase.

Rosina married John McCabe in June 1987. [ Author of several books about Laurel and Hardy -see books page ] Rosina died in 1997.

Laurel and Hardy Films that Rosina Lawrence appeared in ;

  • On The Wrong Trek

  • Way Out West

  • Pick a Star

Jean ' Babe ' London
Jean ' Babe ' London was born on the 28th of August 1901 in Iowa USA, she started vaudville at an early age, then went to Vitagraph, becoming friends with Oliver Hardy. As well as acting with Laurel and Hardy she appeared with the Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, Harry Langdon, and Charlie Chase. After her retirement from the film industry she took up painting portraits of slapstick comedy stars.

Jean died on the 29th of November 1980 in California.

Laurel and Hardy Films that Jean 'Babe London appeared in ;

  • Our Wife
Vivian Oakland
Vivian Oakland was born in 1885 in California.  She appeared in vaudville before working on screen playing mainly a ' battle axe wife ' characters. Vivian is probably best remembered as the drunken judges wife in 'Scram'

After Vivian retired from her acting career in 1943, together with her  actor husband, John Murray, they ran a book shop in Los Angeles .

Vivian died on the 1st of August 1958 of cancer

Laurel and Hardy Films that Vivian Oakland appeared in ;

  • Love 'em and Weep

  • We Faw Down

  • That's My Wife

  • Scram

  • Way Out West

  • A Chump At Oxford

Daphne Pollard
Daphne Pollard was born in 1890 in Melbourne, Australia. She appeared in 4 films with Laurel and Hardy. She Played Mrs. Hardy in ' Thicker Than Water ' and ' Our Relations '

After her film work she toured theatres doing a vaudville act based upon her work with Laurel and Hardy

She died in 1978 in Los Angeles

Laurel and Hardy films that Daphne Pollard appeared in ;

  • Thicker Than Water

  • Bonnie Scotland

  • Our Relations

  • The Dancing Masters [ uncredited ]

Thelma Todd
Thelma Todd was born on the 29th of July 1905, Lawrence, Massachusetts, After school she went on to college, but because of her mother's insistance, entered several beauty contests. Thelma was so successful in beauty contests that she entered on the state level and won the coveted title of "Miss Massachusetts" in 1925 and went on to the "Miss America" pageant. Although she didn't win, the pageant afforded her a chance to be seen been talent scouts who were looking for new beauty to showcase on film. She began appearing in movie shorts, mostly comedy.. She had been making the shorts for Hal Roach when she was signed to Paramount Studios.s. She also proved to be a business woman with the opening of "Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe", a restaurant that catered to show business people. It also had some shady characters as its clientele. It was rumored that Thelma had become involved with men of questionable character. On December 16, 1935, Thelma was found dead in her car, in her garage, in Los Angeles, California. Death was ruled a suicide due to carbon monoxide poisoning. She was only 30 years old. At the time, as today, many felt that Thelma's death was murder because of some of her connections to the unsavory men to which her establishment catered.. The case was never solved to everyone's satisfaction. To read more about Thelma Todd I recommend the book 'Hot Toddy ' by Andy Edmunds .

Laurel and Hardy films that Thelma Todd appeared in ;

  • Another Fine Mess
  • Unaccustomed As We Are
  • Fra Diavolo
  • On The Loose
  • Chickens Come Home
  • The Bohemian Girl


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